Behind the brand MULTITUBO systems there is a network of companies. This experienced team has been able to implement a successful concept into the market in a very short time. This fundament of this concept are the following main-issues:

Top Quality

The Multilayer composite pipe is the most recent pipe material in the market. So we are the opinion that its area of application hasn't ended yet. One example for this is the recently developed welding technology for the MULTITUBO systems Multilayer pipes, which has many advantages for the larger dimensions from 40mm. To make such developments possible a maximum of Know-How and production-quality is required


To enable flexibility for your daily work requires a mix of various factors:

This already begins even before the manual work starts: when calculating the job. With the different types of connection of MULTITUBO systems, the installer has here many options.

And when realising the job he still has the option to change to a different MULTITUBO systems fitting which is more suitable on site. Without paying attention forthe need of changing pressing-tools, pipes or what you need for a different material-mix. Within one dimension all all products are fully compatible.

Environmental Protection

In our opinion the Multilayer pipes is the perfect material for the installation: As a modern compound material it fulfils a high performance profile but is also gentle on resources due to the low content of the energy-consuming metal. Additional PE-RT is 100% recyclable and thus can be returned to the raw material circuit.

For sure there are cheaper products in the market. We are aware of that. Also there are systems with a wider product range. But do there also have the power for innovations, a permanent top quality and such a high degree of service? For us the price is just a factor of various to guarantee a long-term success.

And our success proofs that we are on the right track. We would not have been able to generate such a growth, when it would have been wrong to develop additional fitting technologies.
Our partners noticed that by using MULTITUBO systems, they have a system of safety and flexibility, especially these days of increasing competition.

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